Opals are very special gemstones that come in a wide variety of colors. We currently stock Australian boulder opals , which are lovingly hand-cut in our workshop, Mexican fire opals , also Ethiopian, which are also hand-cut, and precious opals. Grinding precious opals has the advantage that you can be sure that it is a REAL opal and not a duplicate. All steps from the raw stone to the pendant take place in our expert workshop.

All pendants are either drilled or receive a high-quality, solid silver loop that is protected from tarnishing by a rhodium layer. This makes each opal a special piece of jewelry .

Boulder opal can bring joy, lightness and a carefree attitude to life . This gemstone is used in crystal healing to help you get through difficult times with optimism.

Fire opal stands for enthusiasm and inspiration. In crystal healing , fire opal is used to get something going, because with the “fire of enthusiasm” everything is easier.