Water energization with gemstones is easy and efficient

Water revitalization with gemstones

The classic way to energize water with precious or semi-precious stones is to simply put the stones in a glass jug with water and let them stand for at least an hour. In recent years, more and more people have become interested in the topic of water revitalization, but what's behind it? We learn at school that water is fundamental and essential to life for us humans, but not all water is the same. Researcher Masaru Emotu has documented that water has the ability to store information. It absorbs external influences such as music and words, as well as the materials surrounding it and the information from the stones. Spring water is also considered the best water because it has not yet absorbed any external information.

Since humans also consist largely of water, water revitalization is not mumbo jumbo but an important part of a natural way of life. There are many options available, the simplest option and the one we like best as gemstone fans is water revitalization with gemstones. However, special care must be taken when selecting stones for water revitalization. Irradiated or colored stones should be rejected as they do more harm than good. It is also important to find out about the ingredients, as some stones contain metals or are even poisonous, such as cinnabar. Jewelry, bracelets, drilled stones such as necklace pendants should not be used to revitalize water for hygienic reasons. It is also not advisable to consume gemstone powders, which are leftover during cutting. We can safely recommend some representatives of the quartz family such as rose quartz, rock crystal and amethyst. To be on the safe side, you should inform yourself with good literature; we would particularly like to highlight books by Michael Gienger. The topic of water revitalization is also part of our crystal healing seminars.

The stones should be cleaned regularly and allowed to dry and recover for at least one night outside the water jug. Putting healing stones in a test tube and then placing this test tube in water or introducing stones with rock crystals are other options. A simple and particularly effective method is to simply place the water jug ​​on a stone slab. This means the stone always stays fresh and you can also load other foods onto these plates. The only disadvantage is that only a few types of stone are available as slabs. Tumbled stones, hand flatterers, can also be used to energize water , but you should pay particular attention to the quality. Cheap stones usually have a wax layer as a finish, our tumbled stones are polished to a high quality and can be used to revitalize water - if the type of stone is suitable due to its ingredients.

Please note that each of your stones only has one purpose, that is either water revitalization or therapeutic use on the body. It is better to get a second stone of the same type, this way the effect will be fully maintained for both areas. Please do not mix more than five types of stone, otherwise information chaos will result.

However, quality is the top priority, especially when healing stones come into direct contact with the body! You can find a large selection of gemstones and raw stones for water revitalization as well as relevant literature in the shop .

Have fun trying it out!

Water revitalization with gemstones is an energetic application from stone healing. Steinwelten assumes no liability for damage that may have arisen due to incorrect use of stones or incorrect choice of stone. If you have physical complaints, please see your doctor.