Steinwelten - a family business with high standards and attention to detail

About Us

Steinwelten - a family business with high standards and attention to detail. In addition to the passion for beautiful gemstones , Nina Nutz's basis is formed by various training courses in crystal healing, geomancy and alchemy. It was and is particularly important to have comprehensive training, both analytical and intuitive stone healing, various meditation techniques and thus experiencing the effect of gemstones on the body, mind and soul. For years she tested and perfected what she had learned, continued her education and gained further experience - that was the foundation for Steinwelten. She founded Steinwelten after training in stone healing out of the desire to make the power of gemstones better known and to bring people together with “their” stones, which is why seminars on stone healing also take place. The jewelry workshop , where high-quality gemstone necklaces, jewelry , bracelets and sometimes custom-made products are created, is one of her passions.

The particular strength of Steinwelten is personal advice and a variety of services relating to semi-precious stones . Christian Nutz will also be happy to drill your stones, set loops made of high-quality silver, and respond to your wishes. In his workshop , special pieces of jewelry are constantly created from gemstones ; gemstone cutting is just as much a part of his repertoire as various jewelry processing techniques. We would be happy to advise you by email or telephone on 0676/9307006 about the options for further processing your stones.

Our services:

  • Changes to necklaces and bracelets
  • Custom-made gemstone jewelry
  • Drilling service - we drill your stones
  • Grinding shop - we grind your stones
  • Personal advice

Gemstones can only work optimally if they are of very good quality. Since we spent years looking for trustworthy sources and had to pay a lot of money ourselves, it was clear to us that things had to be different at Steinwelten! We always strive for the best quality. Tumbled stones are specifically selected from trusted dealers and drilled with skill and respect in Christian Nutz's own workshop or refined with a silver loop. We want to avoid getting treated, “beautified” stones into our range. This means that otherwise commonly treated stones such as turquoise, citrine or amber can be purchased from us without risk. Only a healthy stone can be a healing stone!