Uruguay Amethyst Druze very intense, dark color! (AA quality) No. 19

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This high quality Amethyst from Uruguay by 1A Museum quality has a particularly dark, intense color. Uruguay Amethysts are characterized by the naturally very regular crystals and extremely dark purple color. Due to their more regular growth, these druses shine and sparkle even more intensely than their relatives from Brazil. This unique one exhibit Comes with a metal stand and enriches everyone Living room!

Amethyst is a very higher vibration Stone, it is used to transform negative energies in space and that Sense of space to harmonize. This stone is used in gemstone therapy to give inner peace, cleanse thoughts and spaces and relieve grief.

You will receive this unique amethyst exactly as pictured.


The following applies to this amethyst:

  • Origin: Uruguay, weight: 15kg
  • height with Druse and metal stand: 48cm
  • Dimensions: height stone 34cm, width 27cm, depth 17cm
  • Shipping takes place directly from our warehouse in Gloggnitz
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