Shungite pyramid 4cm - protection and harmony

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This Shungite comes from Karelia and was made by hand Pyramid ground. This special shape further enhances its harmonizing and invigorating properties. In the Crystal healing Shungite is used to... Self-healing powers to stimulate, strengthen the nerves and support detoxification. Its harmonizing and protective properties have been used in its homeland for centuries. In the literature, shungite is also considered special Protective stone before Electrosmog highlighted. It is recommended to place it centrally in rooms where you spend a lot of time. This allows it to best develop its protective and strengthening effect.

The slight discoloration of the stone on the edges is typical of classic shungite and does not represent a reduction in quality.



The Pyramids are carefully hand-sanded; the edge length may vary by a few millimeters.

symbolic image, You will receive an equivalent pyramid.

Origin: Karelia


Size: that. 4cm