Rhodochrosite 1A pendant - UNIKAT No.13

€102,90 EUR

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Rhodochrosit will be in the Crystal healing used to activate and invigorate the body and mind. Long-term work can be made easier with this stone and it is said to be... optimism and brings happiness.

This Edelstein is of particularly beautiful quality and has a high-quality, stable rhodium-plated finish Silver loop from our own workshop. Size of the stone without silver loop approx. 30mm.
(Source: M. Gienger, Heilsteine, Neue Erde Verlag)

  • Unique – You will receive exactly this gemstone pendant, without ribbon/hoop
  • Two of us, bands and hoops are sold separately
  • High quality, genuine Edelstein with solid silver loop from our own workshop
  • Silver loop Made of 925 silver and protected against tarnish by rhodium coating
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