Quartz geode opened -XXL– lucky geode – stability and clarity – unique No. 2

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Our Quartz geodes from Morocco are pure Natural products and already open. Every Geode is unique and full of beautiful quartz Crystals! They represent stability and clarity and are also a Symbol for inner wealth and Protection. The quartz geode is as individual decoration Can be used for living space. Quartz geodes contribute to a harmonious and high-vibration atmosphere At home at.


These geodes also look particularly pleasant in the Meditation, as they have a relaxing and harmonizing effect. Contemplative viewing of the quartz can also help you discover the treasures within.


The quartz geodes are delivered already opened, individual loose crystals are likely due to opening and no reduction in quality.

Unique, You will receive exactly the quartz geode as shown!


Origin: Morocco

Size about: 19x14x14cm

Weight: 2.7 kg