Precious schungite raw stone - harmony and protection - UNIKAT No.25

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Fine shungite will be in the Crystal healing used to achieve harmony and Self-healing powers to stimulate. It is considered a special stone that is said to have many properties. It has always been used in Russia to vitalize, detoxify and cleanse the body. Precious shungite is said to have a strong effect against electromagnetic fields as it is said to strengthen and thereby protect the organism.

These precious shungite raw stones can be placed in the living rooms. They have a very strong impact, meaning one of these large pieces is sufficient per room. Fine shungite can always crumble a bit, this is not a defect but is normal for this natural stone.

  • however Fine shungite from Karelia, crystal healing quality
  • Unique - You will receive exactly the stone you see in the photo
  • Size of the stone approx. 40x30mm, approx. 22 grams


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