Boulder opal with silver pendant - lightness, lightheartedness and joy - UNIQUE No.27

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Boulderopal can bring joy, lightness and a carefree attitude to life bring. This gemstone is used in crystal healing to help you get through difficult times with optimism and joy of life.

These opals come from Australia, as Boulder Opal stones are referred to as Edelopal Veins in parent rock. Each of these opals is a work of art of nature and is made in the workshop of Steinwelten Handcrafted with care. The high-quality rhodium-plated silver loop makes your piece special Edelsteinschmuck. The rhodium layer prevents the loop from tarnishing, so it remains permanently beautiful. Unevenness, small cracks or spots can be a natural part of the opals and do not represent a defect.

  • Stone size without Silver loop 24mm.
  • However Boulder Opal, hand sanded in our workshop
  • High quality, genuine Edelstein with solid rhodium-plated silver loop
  • Unique - You are buying exactly this gemstone pendant!
  • Fan as shown without chains or straps
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