Auralite - expansion of consciousness and relaxation - pendant

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At Auralite This is a new find, so the following information corresponds to the perception of the Steinwelten team. Auralite is a great stone for those Meditation, which intensifies the connection to the spiritual world and is a great “travel companion”. With this Edelstein The gaze is directed inward, it has a calming effect and intensifies perception. The special feature of this stone is that it consists of amethyst, prasiolite, goethite and rock crystal. It also has a high number of elements.

  • Symbolic photo - Auralite is a natural product, each stone is unique, you will receive a similar stone.

  • Loop made of 925 silver Tarnish-proof with rhodium coating. The pendants are provided with loops in our own workshop, so you won't lose them.

  • Little Size: up to 20mm

    Medium Size: 20-25mm

    Size Size: about 25mm