Amethyst lace - crystal - harmony and relaxation - unique No. 25

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Amethyst can clarify and transform space energies. He influences as decoration The feeling of space in the apartment is harmonious and can Relaxation support financially. Amethyst crystals from Steinwelten are also ideal for meditation. This stone is used in gemstone therapy to give inner peace, cleanse thoughts and spaces and relieve grief. All Amethyst Crystals, amethyst tips from Steinwelten are special individual pieces that were selected by us with love. The particularly beautiful dark color is rare for amethyst of this size and is a sign of the high quality.

All of our amethyst tips are purely natural products, some contain phantom growth, which means you can see the individual growth spurts like annual rings on trees, others have a beautiful shimmer, each one is unique! These crystals have grown naturally in shape, only the tip has been polished a little to bring out the beauty even better.

You will receive this exact amethyst crystal as pictured.

The following applies to this amethyst:

  • Weight: 740 grams
  • Length: 21cm
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