Amethyst drusen pair – amethyst geode pair – peace and harmony – UNIQUE No. 486

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Amethyst druses are truly special Jewelry for the living space, each one is unique and naturally high vibrational. One Amethyst Druse - also Amethyst Geode called - has a harmonizing and transforming effect on the feeling of space, as a pair they are something very special, they form a unit. You can use the reinforcing effect of the pair for your rooms and also in your personal development Meditation to use.

They are ideal for Heilsteine and Edelsteinschmuck to clean and regenerate in them. They will do this Stones just be careful on it Crystals placed inside the drusen and left there for at least an hour, or better yet, overnight. A Short vacation for all stones!

Amethyst also has a cleansing and transforming effect when placed in the Meditation includes, the connections to the spiritual world can be intensified with amethyst. Also Therapy rooms benefit from their clear vibration, which is even stronger as a couple.

The amethyst druse itself hardly needs any care, occasional gentle vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner and a brush attachment is enough and it can sparkle again.

This Amethystdrusen come from Brazil, their insides have grown naturally and can also be small Calcite crystals, Rutile Have inclusions or other mineral inclusions, each amethyst druse is unique! They are recovered and carefully cut open, the edges are polished. This creates the colors and shapes of the border, which often comes out Purchase, Chalcedon and rock crystal exists, particularly to its advantage. So that it can stand stably, a small base is made with concrete. The outside of the amethyst druse is painted to prevent particles of the outer skin from falling off and thus make it “suitable for living”.

You will receive exactly these amethyst druses as pictured!


The following applies to these amethyst druses:

Origin: Brazil

Dimensions: Druse right, No. 486: height 104cm, width 35cm, depth 27cm
            Druse left, No. 487: height 100cm, width 35cm, depth 26cm

Weight: Druse right 86.1kg
                Druse links 80,5kg

This druse has a higher weight, so you are welcome to pick it up from our warehouse in Gloggnitz. If you would like to have them delivered, please contact us!

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