Amazonite - hand flatterer

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Amazon will be in the Crystal healing used to recognize one's own calling and to give the security of being able to take one's own destiny into one's own hands. This Edelstein can be used well to relieve inner restlessness, sadness and depression; Amazonite also has a mood-balancing and generally harmonizing effect. This stone can help with obstetrics, menstrual problems and exhaustion. (Source: M. Gienger, Heilsteine, Neue Erde Verlag)

  • Symbolic photo - Amazonite is naturally patterned very differently, you will receive an individually patterned stone

  • hand flatterer are suitable for hanging up, viewing or in your pocket

  • Little Size: up to 25mm

    Medium Size: 25-35mm

    Size Size: about 35-45mm

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