Aquamarine - endurance and serenity - UNIQUE

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Aquamarin is one of our very special favorites. Aquamarine stands for endurance and calmness, and it can also Edelstein bring a “clear head”, which is why it is also called a study stone. Aquamarine is said to help implement goals, provide orientation and dissolve unnecessary self-doubt and fears. In the Crystal healing Aquamarine is used for hay fever, problems with the respiratory tract and arteries as well as the skin. Size of the stone without silver loop approx. 20mm. (Source: Michael Gienger, Heilsteine ​​A-Z, Neue Erde Verlag)

  • Unique – You will receive exactly this gemstone pendant, without ribbon/hoop
  • Two of us, hoops and straps are sold separately
  • High quality, genuine Edelstein with silver loop from our own workshop
  • Silver loop Made of 925 silver and protected against tarnish by rhodium coating