Amethyst druse - harmony, transformation and relaxation - UNIKAT No. 283

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Amethystdrusen can clarify and transform spatial energies. They influence the feeling of space harmoniously and bring relaxation. Amethyst from Steinwelten is also ideal for meditation. This stone is in the Crystal healing used to give inner peace, cleanse thoughts and spaces and relieve grief. All amethyst druses from Steinwelten are special individual pieces that were selected by us with love. They are purely natural products, some contain some white calcite tips, others have an agate or chalcedony edge, each one is unique. As is usual for amethyst druses, they are coated on their outside with paint to make them “living room-friendly”, i.e. to stabilize them.

The following applies to this druse:

  • Origin: Brazil, weight: 8.3kg
  • Dimensions: height 27cm, width 25cm, depth 16cm
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